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Jilbabs are long, loose fitting garments worn by Muslim women around the world. Islamic jilbabs are floor length clothing that covers the whole body, except the head, face, hands and feet. Most women cover the head with a hijab, or scarf. We carry women's jilbabs in a variety of styles and colors, and matching hijabs are available for most styles.

We have a selection of Islamic jilbabs and other traditional and modern styles of Muslim clothing. Lightweight materials, such as cotton, are used in jilbabs for warm weather and heavier fabrics are used in all weather women's jilbabs. These are versatile and can be worn in summer and winter. We have casual and elegant styles for daily wear and special occasions.

Our women's jilbabs come in a full range of standard and plus sizes to fit most women. If you need a size that is not offered, we offer custom sizing on all jilbabs for an additional charge. The standard length for our Muslim jilbabs is 56-57 inches. We can create a custom length between 40 and 65 inches to ensure a perfect fit for a small additional fee.

At East Essence, we are committed to providing Muslim women with a wide selection of Islamic jilbabs and other modest attire. Our extensive catalog includes jilbabs for women, as well as a broad range of clothing for the whole family, including men, women and children. We provide high quality traditional and modern styles, and designer clothing at prices that will fit the family budget.