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Izraq Burqini UV & chlorine resistant, Italian Fabric

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Black and Blue full swimsuit/burqini. Simply step into this suit, zip up and your set to go. The attached flared skirt gives you the modesty your looking for.
Highest grade swim fabric used by top labels around the world

2 piece set includes connected top and bottom and head cover
Zipper in the front from neck to chest
Skinny fit pants
UV resistant/ Chlorine resistant
Water Resistant
Skin friendly with quick Dry
Fabric 100% Italian polyamide and trademark Lycra 
Machine washable tumble dry do not heat

Size Chart

Note: Measure the high point of shoulder to the desire length. Bottom: Measure your waist to the desired length. Our standard length is Top: 34inches Bottom: 40 inches.
All items have a 5% variance in size, color and/or embroidery.

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