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Denim Stitched Skirt
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Denim Stitched Skirt

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This is a must have! Made out of 100% denim fabric, there are dark orange pinned tucked stitching accents that make this skirt one of a kind. The elegant cut and fit with a zipper closure make this skirt comfortable and unique. Length: 36-38 inches Fabric: 100% Denim *Machine wash in cold water with like colors **Please allow up to 5% variance in color and/or detail.

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Note: Length is from high point shoulder to desired length. Standard length is 56 inches for women abayas and 60 inches for men thobes. Length customization fee is non-refundable
All items have a 5% variance in size, color and/or embroidery.

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Denim Stitched Skirt
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