About Shop and Ship

We're all about making it simple. All you have to do is create a new account at shopandship.com. You will be given personal account numbers, aka your new ‘physical’ delivery addresses in New York, London, Shanghai, Dubai, Mumbai, Istanbul, Hong Kong, and Johannesburg. So you can move on to the best part: go ahead and cross items off your wishlist! When you are done, you may opt to pay for shipping fees online as well using our PAY NOW option.

The packages need 5-7 business days after arriving in your New York, Dubai, Istanbul, Mumbai, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Johannesburg account and 3-4 days from your London account to get to you (customs and clearance processes may vary from country to country).

Our online tracking system and apps enables you to monitor your packages every step of the way from the convenience of your office or home; you can find out where your shipment is at; anywhere and anytime!

Register today and start shopping for the latest gadgets and the hottest trends in apparel, fashion accessories, music, auto parts and much more.

Money Back Guarantee

Another great reason for joining Shop and Ship Online: If at any time during the first year of having an active Shop and Ship account, you believe that our service did not meet your expectations, you can ask for a refund - no questions asked!

At the time of refund, your Lifetime Membership to Shop and Ship will be deactivated and you will no longer have access to the account number and addresses.

To know more please see our FAQs

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Shop and Ship Shipping Rates:

Shipping rates vary from one country to another; please note that shipping charges are calculated on the total weight of the shipments.

Destination 1st 1/2 KG Additional 1/2 KG Currency
Azerbaijan 10.51 9.01 AZN
Bahrain 3.50 2.00 BHD
Bangladesh 10.88 4.88 USD
Bulgaria 9.01 4.88 EUR
Cyprus 11.26 3.26 EUR
Czech Republic 240.39 166.61 CZK
Egypt 9.00 5.85 USD
Ethiopia 12.75 9.75 USD
Georgia 22.99 16.37 GEL
Ghana 11.25 8.63 USD
Greece 6.46 4.06 EUR
Hong Kong 117.08 47.33 HKD
India 7.50 6.00 USD
Iraq 15.75 10.40 USD
Jordan 6.5 4.5 JOD
Kazakhstan 11.25 8.25 USD
Kenya 10.50 7.50 USD
Kuwait 2.50 1.50 KWD
Lebanon 8.25 5.59 USD
Libya 16.00 9.00 LYD
Lithuania 47.26 27.77 LTL
Malaysia 33.77 26.28 MYR
Maldives 14.25 7.50 USD
Malta 10.13 5.26 EUR
Mauritius 330.76 220.62 MUR
Morocco 12.00 8.25 USD
Oman 3.50 2.00 OMR
Qatar 35.00 19.00 QAR
Saudi Arabia 41.00 21.00 SAR
Singapore 9.01 6.38 SGD
South Africa 131.31 74.30 ZAR
Sri Lanka 10.13 5.63 USD
Switzerland 25.00 8.80 CHF
Tanzania 17.50 13.00 USD
Turkey 18.75 9.75 USD
Uganda 14.25 10.50 USD
Ukraine 13.50 9.90 USD
United Arab Emirates 33.00 23.00 AED