EastEssence.com was founded in 2007 in the Silicon Valley of California, USA. Owing our roots to the birthplace of computing technology, EastEssence.com is a pioneer in leveraging technology to provide the best shopping experience. Relying on cutting edge methodologies inspired from Lean Manufacturing and Just in Time strategy, EastEssence.com has created a unique model that focusses on zero inventory and production optimization resulting in custom tailored orders delivered within retail shipping timeline of 5-8 business days. Zero Inventory results in drastically reduced costs which are passed as savings to our customers. Our prices are guaranteed lowest for Online or In-store retail; yet our quality, customization options, plus size options and return/exchange policies are the best in the apparel industry.This is the reason EastEssence.com is the largest Islamic clothing company worldwide.
Affordable Modest Clothing is our goal. We have high and strict standards in maintaining the lowest costs and highest quality possible for our customers. While meeting that equilibrium is a challenge, we happily take that on and proudly carry over 300+ items on our website under $25. We want to ensure every family is able to dress modestly without having to spend much. The "Giving Back" program is the core of EastEssence.com. To learn more click here.
All express orders are processed in 3-4 business days and all standard orders are processed in 7-10 business days. When we say processed, we are cutting the fabric, stitching your garment, finishing it and packing it. Shipping time is an additional 3-4 business days.
EastEssence.com works on a just-in-time method like DELL and the other big IT industry leaders. We use that system innovatively in manufacturing garments. Not all but most items are made to order. This facilitates us to customize lengths, sleeve length and special modification requests made by customers. This also helps us maintain zero inventory costs that we pass on to customers.
We are based in USA, but we do ship worldwide. Our standard shipping is free to UK, Canada, EU, Singapore & Australia.
Living in the Silicon Valley, we leverage the technology that APPLE and many other industry leaders have designed. We use IPD systems where the order is received in our USA offices, processed in USA and then picked and shipped from India factory direct to be delivered in 3 business days to your doorstep. This not only saves time and costs, but also facilitates customization of your order to your choice. It also helps us give free shipping to multiple countries. Some items like hijabs, accessories, and prayer items are shipped from our USA warehouses.
Our customer service comprises of highly trained individuals that have a combination of exposure to vast Islamic culture and high standard of American customer service policies. The customer service team works out of California office and are individuals with working knowledge of our products and customer background. They are available 8am-7pm PST on phone daily to answer any questions you have. While their primary language of communication is English, they are fluent in Arabic, Urdu, Eritrean, Spanish, Farsi and Dari. You can reach us at local USA 888.587.8417 and International 001.510.943.4040.
EastEssence.com is growing exponentially as a brand name in our community. People recognize us worldwide as the largest affordable modest clothing store. If you have the entrepreneur spirits, access to a large population of potential customers and any experience in retail, then this might be for you. We have a very relaxed Franchise policy, to find out more click here.
Yes, we have an extensive wholesale program, we also have several wholesalers carry our product on East Coast, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Libya, Iraq, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. For applying to be a wholesaler and for our policies click here.
We are primarily an online company. We opened our first outlet store in Newark, CA and plan to open more in the coming years. We participate in large Islamic events, to meet and greet our customers in their cities (subscribe our Facebook page to get updates about the next event). We also have several wholesalers carry our product on East Coast, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Libya, Iraq, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.
ur sizes are US sizes. We carry XS to 7XL. Our size chart also explains the height to length table. Please click here for the size chart.
We understand the need for sizes outside of the standard size chart to accommodate those customers who find it very hard to wear modest clothing in their size. If you have such a need, EastEssence.com could be your one stop solution. We offer length customizations under the each item so you can ensure perfect length of the garment. For further customization we offer a exclusive seamstress made garment to your exact measurements. For such requests please email support@eastessence.com and we will do our best to accommodate you. Our basic customization fee is $19.99 per garment and can vary per your needs. These garments are not returnable or exchangeable as they were specifically made for you. They also take 5-10 extra business days to deliver. Some of the requests we often receive are:
  • I am between sizes and would like to customize
  • I am more than 7XL and need help dressing modest
  • I fit a perfect large except my hips are XL
  • I am petite and need shorter than 50"
  • I have short or long arms and need sleeves customized
Please refer to the fabric chart provided below:

Fabric Name Content Weight Weather Wash Shrinkage Iron
Kashibo 100% Polyester Medium All weather Machine wash/Air tumble dry 0% No
Poly Crepe 100% Polyester Light All weather Machine wash/Air tumble dry 0% Light
Poly Knit 100% Polyester Medium All weather Machine wash/Air tumble dry 0% No
Polyamide 95% Nylon, 5% lycra Medium Swimwear Machine wash/Air tumble dry 0% No
Georgette 100% Polyester Light All weather Machine wash/Air tumble dry 0% No
Denim 100% cotton Medium Spring/Fall/Winter Machine wash/Air tumble dry 0% Light
Corduroy 100% cotton Medium Spring/Fall/Winter Machine wash/Air tumble dry 0% Light
Twill 100% cotton Medium All Weather Machine wash/Air tumble dry 1% Light
Poplin 100% cotton Light Summer/Spring Machine wash/Air tumble dry 1% Medium
Rayon 100% viscose Light Summer/Spring Machine wash/Air tumble dry 3%-5% No
Tencel 100% viscose Medium All Weather Machine wash/Air tumble dry 2% Medium
Wool 100% wool Heavy Fall/Winter Dry Clean only 0% Well
* avoid heat for wash or dry
* items with hand embroidery only hand wash/dry clean
This is a relative question and what might be see through for one, might be perfect for other. While all our items are lined if the fabric is light and the heavier fabrics are not see through at all, we do recommend you wearing a layer under if you feel more comfortable. We recommend you wear a bathing suit inside the burquini's.
Your return & exchange packages are to be shipped to our warehouse in Newark, California. Please click here to request a return or exchange.
Please click here to request a return or exchange.
While we strive to give the best experience to all our customers and have over 95% satisfaction rate, sometimes issues happen and we completely own up to our products and commitment. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please click here to process a return.
No. Please accept the package and email us at returns@eastessence.com to obtain a RMA number to return the package. You have 24 hours after the standard order is placed to cancel/change it. Express orders cannot be cancelled once processed. Please call us at 510.943.4040 if you are past this deadline and we will do our best to assist you. While we will try our best to redirect the package back if it is shipped, you will be responsible for return shipping.
  • All standard items are returnable or exchangeable
  • Kids items are exchange only for a different size.
  • Swimwear are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged
  • Items under Sale/ Clearance tab are final sale.
  • All custom length items are returnable/ exchangeable minus custom fee (as the fee was for making the customization request you made)
  • All plus size items are returnable/exchangeable minus the fee
  • Fully customized items are final sale
If you feel the variance is more than 5% please email returns@eastessence.com and we will take care of you right away!
  • Style- Every style has a different silhouette and how it will look on different size people. Hence allow for slight variance
  • Color- What one computer might show darker, might look slightly lighter on another screen. Hence allow 5% variance
  • Size- What one style might fit in large the other might fit a bit different? This is because or silhouettes are different
  • Length- Our garments are man-made, hence there is a slight change for +/- 5% in measurements
As soon as the order is placed on the website, the credit card is charged the full amount. Since the items are made specifically for you, we need to ensure the payment is complete before processing your order. A tracking number is sent in 5 or less business days for express and 10 or less business days for standard orders.
EastEssence.com is one of the most transparent company in costing the products. We do not believe in charging everyone a higher amount to cover for return shipping costs for a few customers. As many companies bake this cost into their margin, we believe in charging it as necessary so that customers can enjoy the low prices. Shipping is paid to third party courier services and are not recovered if the order is cancelled or returned hence the fee has to be covered by the customer.
We ship packages with FedEx, DHL, Aramex and USPS
Log on to your account and click track order. You can also email us at support@eastessence.com to get an update.
USA orders do not have to pay any duties. Internationally, it depends on your countries custom policy, you may be assessed a duty by your border customs.
Yes, we are power sellers on both AMAZON and eBay
Our website is safe & secure and we use PayPal and Bank of America Cybersource to process the payment. Your credit card information is encrypted and not available for us. We are recognized store by Google and Bizrate and are happy to provide any authentication you might need to feel safer.You may also call us at 510.943.4040 to pay over the phone or you may use other methods of payment- PayPal, Western Union, Bank Wire, Money Order. You may also buy from our AMAZON and eBay store.
For debit card with a visa or master sign and a credit card- add your items to the cart and then click checkout to follow directions *Western Union: This is the fastest mode of payment. You can send money via Western Union to our California office, email support@eastessence.com for invoice and address Bank Transfer: You can send money via bank transfer to our California office, email support@eastessence.com for invoice and address Check: You can mail us a check to our California office, email support@eastessence.com for invoice and address Money order: You can send money via money order to our California office, email support@eastessence.com for invoice and address
We have a robust fraud check accounting team that scrutinizes each order that comes in to ensure it is legit. We have high standards for online safety and want to safeguard any misuses of credit card by catching them upfront. Only some credit card orders are flagged. Your order could be flagged for following reasons and will be on hold until verified over the phone by our fraud check representative. This is done just the first time you order. If you want to avoid this, we recommend using PayPal or google checkout.

  • Billing name and address does not match shipping name or address
  • Incomplete address
  • International order placed first time on our website
  • High order value, first time order, express shipping
We are always looking for talented individuals to contribute to our growing company. Please click here to see current job openings.
  • General questions, inquiries: support@eastessence.com
  • Feedback: feedback@eastessence.com
  • Community program: community@eastessence.com
  • Return/ exchanges: returns@eastessence.com
  • Affiliates: affiliates@eastessence.com
You can also reach us by phone or online chat from 8am-7pm PST daily.

CALL:888.587.8417 • 510.943.4040