EastEssence.com was founded in 2007 in the Silicon Valley of California, USA with a goal to provide quality clothing at unbeatable prices. Owing its roots to the birthplace of computing technology, EastEssence.com is a pioneer in leveraging technology to provide the best “value for money” experience online.

EastEssence.com is a People’s brand; it is a representation of our values and high ethics. Our profits are used to support our Giving Back Program that is making a difference in the community through our Scholarship programs, Spreading education initiative and our Disaster relief missions.

We recognize the variety of clothing choices in the community. They differ by country, age and income. We have clothing for everyone with a connection of modesty. We carry a wide range of Islamic clothing & accessories from Abayas, Jilbabs, Burqa, Tunics, Hoodies, Jackets, Pants, Skirts, Kurtis, Thobes, Dishdashas, Hijabs, Hajj & Umrah wear, Shoes, Jewelry, Prayer & Namaz items.

Our highly trained customer service team located in Silicon Valley, California is diverse just like our customers. Their backgrounds vary from Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Sudan, and Eretria, and all exemplify high customer services values and morals practiced in USA. This combination of background and skills helps in providing ultimate customer service with a 98.2% + satisfaction rate. We believe in keeping our customers educated and encourage you to ask questions.

Who said “high quality, high fashion = high price”? At EastEssence.com we challenge this belief and strive to provide complete transparency to the customer. Usually the reason for high price is not the production cost, but the brand/designer value layered on the cost which equates to an industry standard 200%-300% Mark Up. Our Mark Up on the contrary never exceeds 20%. Yes it is true & possible with our state of the art Lean Manufacturing production techniques and candid pricing.

A garment cost comprises of 4 factors, below is an estimated average for your reference:

  • Material (fabric & accessories): The best of the fabrics including 100% Cotton, Silk, Wool, Tencel, and Rayon cost an average of US$5 per meter unless they are made in Italy- like our swimwear fabric. Accessories vary per style but on average shouldn’t exceed the fabric cost.
  • Construction (seamstress): Most of our garments are Made-To-Order especially for you to give you the exclusive tailoring experience without the high price. Our factories are sweat-free certified, (unlike just a claim of being sweat free) with state of art machinery and tracking systems and we employ highly trained seamstresses with over 5 years of experience. Unless the garment is made in Japan, Italy or France the highest end seamstress will cost $5-$10 plus customization for the most complex garment in China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
  • Shipping: We use the fastest shipping methods to not compromise on the delivery time. We pay top dollar and use companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS & Aramex. While the courier service costs a lot more than $9.99 we absorb the costs in our margin. At our low margins we also offer competitive free shipping over US$150 orders
  • Overheads (customer service, marketing, electricity, rent etc.): EastEssence.com manages the orders end to end eliminating any middle-men, contractors resulting in the lowest overheads in the industry.

Our prices are guaranteed lowest; yet our quality, customization options, and return/exchange policies are the best in the clothing industry. We allow 30 days to return/exchange and stand behind our items at all times. Most companies provide a free return label as they layer in the cost of returns/exchanges in their high prices, but we keep this transparent and hence only those customers who make a return incur shipping costs.

This is the reason EastEssence.com is the largest Islamic clothing company worldwide with over 250,000 satisfied customers in 68 different countries (and growing exponentially). We grow with feedback and would love to hear from you, please write to us at feedback@eastessence.com