Giving Back Program

The core of was founded with the idea of serving the community. We provide affordable modest clothing at the lowest margins possible as providing quality modest clothing without causing a hole in the pocket is our prime goal. Our second initiative is to encourage education in the community, especially for young minds that wish to serve the community through their profession. We believe this initiative will provide a bigger and long lasting impact on growth, peace and prosperity in the community.

We also work on various other initiatives to make a significant difference.
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We strongly believe education is the only path that will help grow, prosper and bring peace to the community. Hence runs a major scholarship program to help young students achieve their dreams in making a difference in the community. We receive thousands of applications each year and 7 deserving candidates are awarded scholarships.

It gives us immense pride and pleasure in introducing some of our past winners and what they had to say about the program!

Year 2011

Asalaamualaykum sis hope you are well

I graduated in MbChb Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and I also got married in June Alhamdulillah...two blessings in one week!!

Alhamdulillah receiving the scholarship was truly a blessing from Allah SWT. It was a great help alhamdulillah and helped me a lot with my finances...I was able to pay for my books as well as my you can imagine living away is very expensive!! I used to worry a lot about finances and in addition to this I was quite stressed with finals. Alhamdulillah the scholarship took care of the financial side which indeed was a great blessing. Allah SWt provides for you from sources which you can never imagine and I truly did not think that I would get the scholarship. alhamdulillah my du'as were accepted. I want to thank my family, friends and the East Essence team for helping me through my hardships by the will of Allah SWT. I am very grateful Alhamdulillah. From experience I have realised that there is a need for female muslim doctors in the western world and I do hope to pursue my career in such a way that I can help make a positive impact on peoples lives . As Allah wills.

Lots of du'as


Year 2012

"My goal of pursuing a career in Education is not only a means towards occupational stability, but a path towards achieving a dream. I look forward to one day using my zeal for life in a classroom educating, inspiring, and encouraging young minds. As a winner of the East Essence 2012-2013 Scholarship, I am one step closer to reaching that dream. It was truly an honor being selected as a recipient. As a wife, a mother, and a student I have worked restlessly attempting to excel at all of these roles. It feels wonderful to have my hard work acknowledged by others, especially by a reputable company such as East Essence. With this scholarship helping to make my dreams come true, I will encourage my future students to never give up on their own dreams."

– Alicia Ead

Year 2013

"My name is AllyshaSalyani and I am an Indian Muslim American living in Minnesota. I am 20 years old and I will be a junior this fall at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. I am majoring in marketing and minoring in international business; next fall I will be taking 16 credits of required curriculum and 15 credits in the spring. I will be studying abroad spring 2014 and will be planning to use my scholarship money to fund this fall and next spring's tuition. Studying abroad is required within my college at the university and I have been accepted to study at Carlos Tercera Business University in Madrid, Spain and will be there the whole semester. This will increase my knowledge of other cultures and assist in my understanding of international business. I will be graduating May 2015 and plan to work on the marketing team of a Minnesota based company and will hopefully obtain the opportunity to get my MBA master's degree a couple years after my undergraduate studies. I hope to work for a nonprofit company to give back to the community due to all that it has given me.

Thank you for this opportunity to further my education. I truly appreciate being able to apply and achieve this scholarship. Scholarships and grants are an amazing advantage for students across the world and help to emphasize the importance of education. Due to this scholarship I can continue my studies and hopefully attain success for myself and my community in the future."

Apply for Scholarship 2014


At we acknowledge the hardships many families face and that they cannot take basic necessities for granted. We strive to provide clothing& halal food packets to many such struggling families every month in hope to bring smiles on their face and help them dress modest.

We also work with various initiatives like Fairfield Masjid, San Jose Masjid, MCWC, Al-Iman Community Center, multiple other masjids across USA and directly help families that reach out to us for help through our non-profit organization. Below are some testimonials from families on how we could help make a difference in their lives. If you know of any struggling family please feel free to email us at

"I wanted to let you know that i just received the package (5 over garments) that wasshipped in accordance with my request to have clothing for new shahadas. i wish to thank you and the company ever so, so much for this merciful act.

Please know that I sincerely and greatly appreciate what you have done, and know that whatever you can do in the future will only increase that appreciation. I feel safe to say that on behalf of the new shahadas that it has to be a wonderful feeling to start over new and with new modest garments.

Please let the president of your company and other management staff know that your efforts will always be honored and never violated, by the Grace of ALLAH(SWT)."


Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, as well as the second-costliest hurricane in United States history. Classified as the eighteenth named storm, tenth hurricane and second major hurricane of the year, Sandy was a Category 3 storm at its peak intensity when it made landfall in Cuba During hurricane Sandy shipped food and clothing packets to many families and Masjids on the East Coast.

Fiji was hit by serious flooding during January 2012.

Heavy rains from the middle of the month caused unprecedented flooding and landslides, which led to a state of emergency being declared late in the month. funded a container load of supplies and donated clothing to the devastated families.

FREE SEMINARS "coming soon"

These seminars are to help with everyday challenges for our Muslim Communities near our neighborhood. All these seminars will be held in Fremont, California. If you reside in the Bay Area and want to take advantage of these free seminars please click and sign up.

If you live outside the Bay Area and would like to start these seminars in your area and need help starting it please click here.

  • Women's Counseling
    We will facilitate an open discussion where women can feel comfortable asking the questions that concern their daily lives towards being a better Muslim.
  • Free Arabic Classes
    There will be classes for 3 to 5 year olds once a week for 9 weeks to teach the Arabic alphabet and how to spell their name.
    There will be Arabic classes for 6 to 16 year olds twice a week teaching basic Arabic
  • Homework help
    Twice a week we will provide tutoring on daily homework assignments for students from first grade to twelve grade.
  • Counseling for education
    Helping students with how to apply for college, applying for financial aid, scholarship, how to pick a major, and how to prepare for college
  • Help with applying to college
    Helping students with application process, which schools is right for them, which school for their major, arranging meet ups with universities and counselors

FUTURE PROJECTS dreams big and wants to achieve a big difference in the community. While aggressive today, but soon we plan to achieve new heights in our giving back program.

Project DARFUR

We are planning to build a school in Darfur to help educate future generations to better their lives not only for themselves but for the world around them.